Frequently asked questions

Is UV-C light safe ?

Yes very safe. UV-C light is a germicidal light widely used to kill germs effectively from surface, air and water. UV-C light is one form of sunlight, safe and widely used for purification. If there's continuous exposure for 10+ hours to your skin/eyes, as you stand in direct sunlight- it can harm the skin/eyes, like any other heating device- be it microwave or infrared light. All our appliances are built with this safety in mind, so you are never directly exposed to the UV-C light for a continuous basis. Infact your RO purifier also uses UV-C light. Its the only known safe chemical-free source of light.

Are your products made in India ?

Yes, all our products are Made in India. We also aspire to use zero chinese electricals / electronics.

What about the Warranty of your Product ?

All our appliances use standard quality company branded UV-C lights, for which we transfer the compny warranty as is. Our other parts carry 1 year warranty for any non-functional, except physical damage. If any part is non-functional- Warranty is simple: 1. Write to 2. Return the non-functional part 3. Get replacement part.

How will the product be maintained ?

Our products are made of UV-C light, which can be easily replaced by you- as you change lights in your home. It can also be easily serviced by any electrician as it involves only replacing the lamps or switch, if non-functional. This lamps are easily available in your city. In case any lamp / part is not available, simply write to - & a new part will be shipped, based on the Warranty. If outside of Warranty- you can buy the part from our company directly.

Is it better compared to alcohol or ozone sanitization ?

Yes 100% - this is safest and most effective potent form of sanitization. Its chemical free and it effectively kills bacteria and renders viruses harmless. Its also the most tested and proven form of disinfectant, since last 100 years and widely used all over the globe for water, air, surface purification.